Why I Didn’t Like Las Vegas

Why I didn't like Vegas

Something about me: I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t have a righteous meaning behind that; I just don’t enjoy the flavor, the cost, or how I feel when I drink. I’ve never had more than two drinks in a sitting, because I usually get a headache pretty quickly and then decide it’s just not worth it.

So for me to want to go to Las Vegas was kind of strange. But I’d seen photos of the “adult Disneyland” and it looked fun! I may not drink or gamble, but I do love costumes, themed venues, and photo-worthy sights. So I figured I could still have a great time in Las Vegas, right?

Well unfortunately I learned that Vegas is just not for everyone. Here’s why it wasn’t my best trip.

(Disclaimer: A lot of these photos are phone pics, and I’m not very proud of them. Please don’t judge me!)

I went with a group that had a very different travel style from me

Why I didn't like Vegas

I love my buddies, but they wanted to take it easy in the morning and stay up late. This just ain’t my style. I am a morning person, who wakes up at the same time no matter how late I go to bed the night before. I would have loved to hit up some of the exhibits and museums in the mornings, but I never had the guts to leave the group and venture out on my own (oh, the FOMO!). Still working on that. Everyone else pretty much agreed on some gambling and drinking activities, and I was definitely the odd one out, so I just followed along.

Then in the evenings I was prone to crankiness because I was tired and ready to be alone and unwind from the day, but I felt pressured to stay out until everyone decided it was time to wrap up. Vegas definitely suited them better than me.

We went during a heat wave

Why I didn't like Vegas

It was SO HOT the weekend we were in Vegas, that even walking between the hotels was torturous, and I couldn’t even bear to wear my backpack purse because it made me too sweaty (hence the phone pics). I don’t know about you, but when I’m that hot, my motivation to explore totally evaporates (unlike my sweat). The whole weekend, I just wasn’t in the mood to put forth extra effort to venture much outside, which is where some of that fun stuff I was looking forward to is.

Vegas wasn’t as photogenic as I’d hoped

Why I didn't like Vegas

There are hardly any windows when you’re inside the hotels, which is kind of awful mentally, and is shit for photography. They try to convince you you’re outside, but you can definitely tell.

The themed hotels are also quite cheesy. You won’t get confused that you’re in Venice or anything like that. Everything is too flat, too new, and too big. I probably would have enjoyed the faux history more if I’d gone to Vegas before I’d gotten to see the real thing in Europe.

There were also just so many people and it felt so commercial, that it just wasn’t fun to take photos like it normally is for me.

There’s not actually that much to do if you don’t drink or gamble

Why I didn't like Vegas

We walked a lot and ate meals. That was the gist of my activities, since I didn’t gamble or drink. I could have also spent lots of money at the stores for things I don’t at all need, yet thankfully everything was so ridiculous that I was never tempted.

Why I didn't like Vegas


Speaking of shops full of ridiculous things….

Why I didn't like Vegas

The items in this store were outrageously expensive! Which is just one example of the high-end shops in the never-ending mall areas.

Also, the food and drink got pretty costly too!

Why I didn't like Vegas

But despite all this, there were some good things about Las Vegas. It was interesting to see how over-the-top everything is; despite a lot of it being cheesy, it is still quite visually arresting (whether it’s well-done or not). There’s just nowhere else like it.

Why I didn't like Vegas

I also really enjoyed all the food. We definitely were well-fed!

Why I didn't like Vegas

And of course, I loved spending a weekend with some of my best buds!

Why I didn't like Vegas

I’d go on a group trip with these guys again, but I never feel the need to go back to Las Vegas.

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  1. I went to Vegas in February so the weather was in the low 70’s and perfect! Although I had a lot of fun, you are right. There’s not much to do besides drink and gamble!

  2. It’s definitely not for everybody, but I’m glad you got to experience it! I have always had a good time, but wouldn’t ever want to stay for more than a few days.

    1. I’m glad I got to as well. Now at least I know! Every trip I take, I learn more about what I enjoy about different destinations.

  3. I’ve never been to Vegas but knowing me if that’s all that there is to do I would probably enjoy just sightseeing and going to shows. Thanks for sharing your experience

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