Things That Happen When Your Partner is a Photographer

Things that happen when your partner is a photographer

I’ve been really into my photography hobby since around 2005 when I got my first camera. Since then I’ve delved into multiple different kinds of photography subjects, but my favorites remain travel and documentary/lifestyle of whatever is around me and whatever I’m doing.

I met Kevin in late 2009 and I immediately started including him in my shots.He’s never known me without a camera in my hands. So while I do sometimes annoy him with my photo antics, he knew what he was getting into from the beginning. This is just some of what he has to put up with on a regular basis.

Things that happen when your partner is a photographer:

 You will be presented with delicious food, but you’ll have to wait to eat it.

The more delicious-looking, the longer the wait (because we may need to style the table first). This can occur anytime, anywhere. No meal is safe!Things that happen when your partner is a photographerThis irritates Kevin the most. I always stop him from eating right away so I can take photos of his food, and it drives him nuts!

You will be roped into playing assistant whenever a helper is needed.

There will be holding things, wearing things, pet wrangling, etc. You will feel silly. But too bad.Things that happen when your partner is a photographerThe latest time I needed Kevin’s help required him to hold treats in front of our dogs’ faces to get them to look the proper direction and hold still. I would never have accomplished this without Kevin’s help. (This is two photos put together – they were staring at Kevin’s hands both times.)

You will be made fun of for your photo-taking skills.

Photographers do occasionally want nice photos of themselves. When you fail at this task, we will make fun of you.Things that happen when your partner is a photographerThese were taken from the same spot. No further comment.

You might start to enjoy and get good at chasing the shot.

Photography can document what’s already happening, but it is often also the activity itself. You will be required to follow us around while we chase shots, so you may as well try to enjoy it.Things that happen when your partner is a photographerWhen Kevin and I travel, we are often on the hunt for the best shots, and our itinerary and activities often reflect that. When we went to Norway, we went several hours out of our way and then drove past a “closed for winter” sign just to photograph the massive waterfall of Vøringfossen. I highly doubt we’d have gone to that trouble if I didn’t have a camera with me.

You will constantly be photographed.

Sometimes they will be embarrassing…Things that happen when your partner is a photographer

…but other times they will be legendary. Try to appreciate it.Things that happen when your partner is a photographer(I get good shots because I’ve desensitized him.)

So you may not understand your partner’s obsession with photography, but if you can play along and learn to enjoy the quirks, your reward will be a happy partner and epic shots of your life together.

Things that happen when your partner is a photographer






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  1. Although I don’t consider myself a photographer, I do love to take photos! Kenn is very patient with my need to stop what we are doing , or drive 20 miles out of the way to find what I am looking for. Often he thinks I am nuts, until he sees the end results!

  2. Your pics are good! I love taking pics but I’m a novice unless it comes to pics of the hubby. I took a pic of him sitting with his glasses on, shirtless, reading and I love the picture…b&w and to me so “him” that I could cry..he is very thin and a serious person but there is a quality of strength and humanity that he possesses which both radiant from the picture. He hates the picture because it is not a posed picture and it shows his age. The vanity! 🙂 I love that you love taking pics of your man.

    1. I love candid shots of loved ones! Kevin is used to it, but I have some people in my life who hate a camera pointed at them, and they always put up a fuss when I try.

  3. Okay, the food part… I just.. Do it ALL THE TIME. My boyfriend, John gets so annoyed…but he just has to deal with it! I’m not a photographer but I mostly do the same stuff from time to time… Just sent this post to John and he was laughing… He said it’s like she’s portraying you!

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