Mediterranean Cruise 2013 | Part 5 | Wedding Day in Valletta, Malta

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Wedding day finally arrived! After months of planning and nervousness, it was time to get married! We were scheduled to dock in Valletta at 1pm, so we had the opportunity for a nice leisurely morning. We slept in and then made our way to “The Porch” ship restaurant for a relaxed breakfast.

The breakfast paninis were outstanding! Eggs, cheese, and tomato are SUCH a good combo! We also had fruit and pastries.

I had gone back and forth on if I should do my own hair or not. I’m no good at that stuff, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money to have it done. In the end, I figured this hair would live on forever in my wedding photos, and the money would be forgotten, so I had made a hair appointment in the ship salon for 11:45. The captain had told us that sail-in views would begin around noon, so I gave Kevin my camera and we headed to different parts of the ship. Luckily the ship salon had big windows and I was facing the proper side of the ship to watch the sail-in too.

I gave the hairdresser a photo of what I was after, but per my usual hairdressing luck, it didn’t turn out how I wanted. Do I have unusual hair? Are my expectations too high? Do I always end up with newbie hairstylists? I don’t know, but I rarely leave salons feeling good. This day was no exception. The curls were way too tight, making my painstakingly grown-out hair look inches shorter, and they were weirdly even and unnatural. Ugh. But also per my usual, I smiled and pretended to be pleased with it. I’m so bad at confrontation. My hair usually can’t hold curl anyway, so I figured I’d just brush it out a bit when I left.

I found Kevin out on the top decks and we took more photos of the sail-in.Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta

Then back to our room to finish getting ready. I quickly realized my “brush out the curls” plan wasn’t working; they stayed tight and poofy. So I used the ends of my headband to tie it in a low ponytail, which helped immensely with the volume.

By the time we finished dressing, it was around 2pm and time for us to leave the ship and do a tiny bit of sightseeing before our 4pm ceremony.

We basically just meandered slowly to our ceremony location. We had been told that if we were late that they wouldn’t be able to wait around for us, so we were a little paranoid about getting lost, and didn’t want to venture too far away. We arrived to the location before anyone else and took a few shots of each other while we waited.

What he lacks in vow-writing skills, Kevin makes up for in silliness! 🙂

Once all the necessary players had arrived and were introduced, we could start. During the wedding planning, we were able to pick and choose the extras we wanted, a la carte style. Really the only thing I cared about was the photos, so we had a photographer, an officiant, and two of the wedding planner’s assistants, Vicky and Desiree, for our legal witnesses. That was it. They had me walk to the back so that I could officially walk back in again, which was a bit awkward, but Vicky and Desiree hummed the wedding march for me, which was funny and the perfect touch.

The ceremony was nice and quick, since it wasn’t a religious one. The officiant explained how we had followed Maltese law and applied and had our Banns published. Then “I do’s” and the whole “repeat after me” part. We had declined to write our own vows, as that was just another thing to have to worry about, and I know Kevin would have struggled with writing out his feelings (he’s a wonderful guy, but not very touchy-feely). Then she pronounced us husband and wife, and that was that! Some people might scoff, but it was perfect for us! Low-key and simple, no cheese.

They surprised us with a few hors-d’oeuvres afterwards. Unfortunately none of them were vegetarian. But the server was sweet enough to take the meat off a few of the easier ones for me. The officiant gave us a marriage document written in Maltese, which was really neat. We’ve since had that framed and dispayed. Vicky and Desiree gave us a wrapped gift, which turned out to be a small glass sculpture of two lovebirds.

Then we had about 2 hours to walk around Valletta with our photographer.

The photographer was kind enough to give us a lift back to the ship when we were done. We were not scheduled to depart until late that night, but we’d made a dinner reservation at one of the ship’s restaurants, and we were anxious to get back. We had a half hour before dinner, so we decided to change into more casual clothes. Kevin was feeling hot (he’s a shorts all year round guy) and I was ready to get out of my corset style dress.

We spent the rest of our wedding evening at the Tuscan Grille, where we feasted on numerous courses, including French onion soup, a caprese appetizer, a few different pastas, and steak for Kevin. Followed by tiramisu and a dessert sampler.Tuscan Grille - Celebrity Cruises

The staff knew we’d just gotten married, and at the end of the dinner they came out with a little cake with “Happy Honeymoon” on it while singing to us to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” After all that food, we couldn’t eat it, though, so they offered to send it to our room for us. It must’ve gotten lost, though, because we never saw that cake again. Oh well! Plenty of sweets to be had on a cruise, so we never missed it.

It turned out to be a very unconventional wedding day; we broke many traditions and discarded elements that others might think mandatory. But it was just how we wanted it. We were able to celebrate our relationship at a very relaxed pace and just revel in each other’s company, without having to worry about the wishes of anyone else. It was perfect.



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