30 Life Lessons from 30 Years: Part 2

30 Life Lessons From 30 Years

In my last post I started a list of 30 life lessons from 30 years living. Today is part 2, with lessons 16-30.

  1. Being praised for something you think anyone could do might indicate that you have a gift. You might be more unique than you realize.30 Life Lessons
  2. Don’t take advantage of overly helpful friends and family. Give them the respect they deserve.30 Life Lessons
  3. Uplifting fellow women feels really good.30 Life Lessons
  4. Some people give up when something gets hard. Others give up when it starts being too easy.30 Life Lessons
  5. Most careers aren’t as cool as they sound; the jealousy isn’t worth it.30 Life Lessons
  6. You should have both modesty and confidence, but too much of either will make you annoying.30 Life Lessons
  7. Kindness may not be as helpful as brains in regards to career and monetary success, but it gives you inherent value and is worth the effort anyway.
  8. Protect children and animals at all cost. They don’t understand, so their fear is more intense.30 Life Lessons
  9. Spending a birthday or holiday on vacation doesn’t really make it that much better than a regular day on vacation (it can even be worse if things are closed). Spread out the fun instead.30 Life Lessons
  10. It doesn’t cost anything to give a genuine compliment.30 Life Lessons
  11. Find an exercise activity so fun that you forget you’re exercising.30 Life Lessons
  12. It’s better to be right quietly, than wrong loudly.30 Life Lessons
  13. Going to bed early is not a sin.30 Life Lessons
  14. Most people love to be asked questions about themselves and will appreciate you showing interest.30 Life Lessons
  15. Be proud of yourself.30 Life Lessons

Are you older than me? Any lessons you’d like to share that I haven’t gotten to yet?

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