30 Life Lessons from 30 Years: Part 1

30 Life Lessons From 30 Years

I recently read a post by Zaynab of the “Soulitude” blog, titled “25 Life Lessons From My 25-Years On Earth,” and I quite enjoyed it. I decided to make one for myself today.30 Life Lessons

This year on my birthday, I turned 30, which didn’t feel all that different from the day before when I was 29. But looking back further, I do feel like I matured a lot since I was 20, even though I was technically an adult then too. Most of these lessons are only from the last decade, which felt like a bigger time of personal growth than the two decades before it combined. Is that a perceptual bias? Who knows!

Anyway, here are my personal life lessons part 1 (lessons 1-15), because some of you skim (looking at you, Mom!), and 30 is just too many for you to read at once.

1. Find what brings you joy, and let go of anything you’re “supposed” to want, but don’t.30 Life Lessons

2. Make sure the journey to a goal is enjoyable too. You might be on it for a while.30 Life Lessons

3. Don’t have kids unless you really want to.30 Life Lessons

4. This world is cruel, but if you focus on it too much, the cruelty will consume you. Just do whatever you can to do no harm and to prevent others from harming.30 Life Lessons

5. You might envy others for an aspect of their life. But it’s likely someone envies you too for something you already have. Be grateful for those things.30 Life Lessons

6. It’s okay to want more from your life, as long as you remain content and optimistic in the meantime.30 Life Lessons

7. Some hobbies should be kept personal to preserve the magic. Not everything should be a chance to make money or impress people.30 Life Lessons

8. It’s better to be a little chubby than deprive yourself of the joy of food.30 Life Lessons

9. Sometimes you might harm someone without meaning to or even realizing it. If they tell you that you did, believe them and strive to do better.30 Life Lessons

10. Parents are not automatically owed affection. Some parents do not deserve it, unfortunately. Don’t shame people for cutting out their toxic parents.30 Life Lessons

11. Talents are valuable even if they aren’t the kind that are graded in school.30 Life Lessons
12. Doing a chore a day after work/school is better than saving them all for the weekend.30 Life Lessons

13. Buying cruelty-free products gets easier and cheaper every day and makes a huge difference to animals!30 Life Lessons

14. Don’t judge someone who’s made a life decision you wouldn’t make. It’s not up to you.30 Life Lessons

15. Slytherins can be cool too.30 Life Lessons

Click here for Part 2!

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  1. Hi Kacie, I am glad to have inspired your post. I have to admit that you did justice to the post. The life lessons are very valuable and I enjoyed reading and learning from it. Well done

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