Hawaii Outfit Round-up

Time for a more vapid post. This may seem superficial, but I know I enjoy outfit round-ups when I’m trip-planning and packing, so I’m paying it forward today.

We again took only carry-on bags with us on our recent trip to Hawaii. You might think that packing carry-on for warmer weather would be easier because the clothes are thinner. Well on this trip I learned the hard way that it isn’t as true as I’d like it to be. Due to the intense heat and humidity during this trip, it was much more difficult to re-wear clothes like I have in the past. Heed my warning, and either pack more or do laundry as you go.

My favorite outfit

My favorite thing to wear turned out to be a spontaneously purchased summer dress from Old Navy. It was thin and breezy, and dried fairly well. I wore medium length tight shorts underneath to prevent chafing legs, and I felt great in it. I did get sunburned shoulders the first day, though; every spring I seem to forget how to apply sunblock evenly.

My least favorite outfit

I bought this dress specifically for this trip from Kohl’s. But I bought it in Wisconsin when it was still pretty cold out, not thinking that the fabric and extra layers wouldn’t be very comfortable in the humidity. The under layer also had a tendency to ride up, so my shorts were constantly appearing under the see-through top layer. This dress looked cute in photos, but it didn’t perform well.


I had two bottoms and two tops to rotate through, plus a wrap skirt to wear over them. I’m not a very skinny person, but 2-piece is definitely the way to go if you’re going to be wearing them long enough to need to pee. The tops were from Target and the pink skirt bottom was from Torrid. I found the wrap skirt on Amazon.

Other outfits

I only brought one pair of jean shorts with me due to space, and at times, even those felt too hot. I ended up wearing my other dresses more because the workout shorts I wore underneath were thinner and more comfortable.

I had a lot of fun with colors and flower patterns, because why not?? You can’t tell from the photo, but the above gray tee has a tiny pineapple pattern. All the colors and patterns definitely helped me solidify a great Hawaiian mood! A lot of generic packing advice recommends sticking with neutrals, but I say, not for Hawaii!! That’s the place to have some fun!

That’s it! I hope taking a peak into my wardrobe helps you in your next tropical packing quest! Let me know how it goes! Aloha!

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