Captivating Captures: Oshkosh EAA Airventure

It’s photo dump day! Brought to you with a *small* amount of extraneous commentary.

I am not particularly interested in air travel, except as a means to cross large distances to get somewhere. But I have three close family members who are pilots and EAA members who attend our local EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) annual conference every year. During this week, the regional Wittman Airport becomes the busiest airport in the world based on traffic. Around 600,000 attendees fly in from all over the world and have a fabulous time chatting up other pilots, seeing examples of the latest tech, and watching the air shows and demonstrations.

I have been able to attend two years, and while I know hardly anything about airplanes, I do still see their beauty and appreciate the genius in their design. So unfortunately I am not able to give any captions about the following planes, but I hope you can appreciate these stunners nonetheless.

Sometimes frequent travelers can have a difficult time remembering that air travel is really quite amazing and beautiful. I hope this helped remind you!

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