About Kacie

I am a Midwestern girl who dreams of a big life. I love Pinterest, Harry Potter, personality assessments, and being a vegetarian (but I try really hard not to preach about it). I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grown up, but my hobbies are keeping me content in the meantime. 

I met my husband Kevin in 2009 and we married in 2013 in Valletta, Malta. We live in Wisconsin, working full-time office jobs and enjoying all four seasons, as well as a lower cost of living that lends itself to more hobbies and travel. We have a yellow lab/husky mix named Sapphira and a white German Shepherd named Ryker, who satisfy my very small care-taking urge while allowing me quiet introverted time whenever I need it.


I like to be busy on vacation and to see as much as possible, but I am not an adventure traveler. What draws me to a destination is the visuals and learning opportunities. I love historical locations and stunning natural beauty. My travel mode is “early to bed and early to rise,” skipping most nightlife attractions in favor of more intellectual experiences that I can venture to first thing in the morning. Castles, architecture, natural wonders, wildlife, food traditions, markets, film locations, and museums are just some of what I love to experience on vacation.



I’ve been pursuing photography as a hobby since 2006. It’s the one extracurricular of which I never seem to grow tired. I’ve taken a couple classes but am mostly self-taught. I started with the Nikon system, but in 2017 I decided to try out mirrorless, and now I am mostly using Fujifilm. My favorite genres are travel and candid lifestyle photography.

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